In memory of our good friend Ron Harmon

I’m sitting here, listening to the music that Ron wrote, that Robert recorded back in 1980 with Gregg ….

I guess we’re all middle-aged now. I’ve lost other friends, but none go back to junior high school! I listen to his music and it’s so easy to see him playing, even after 30 years. When I moved to California in 1990, Ron was returning to Colorado.

We didn’t have much contact after that. Now and then. So I can’t say that I knew the person he became
But some parts of us never change. And what I remember is a soft hearted person who had to be tougher than he really was, a sensitive musician, and a friend who had dreams. He was my oldest friend.

My sax player. The guy I would listen to albums with on Saturday night. The guy who could talk about art and music with me like no one else. I’m glad that I knew him when we were all younger, when we were all still looking to our horizons.

Thanks for your music Ron. Your songs still live.

~ Galen “George” Wathen

All songs written by Ron Harmon except “A Moment” and “Nightdrift,” written by Gregg Abbot
Saxophone performed by Ron Harmon